The Activities at Autumn Villas

At Autumn Villas we love to create a comfortable atmosphere that includes activities and engagement. We offer music therapy, pet therapy, daily activities, dinners, lunchs and more that our guests can choose to partake in. If you'd like to learn more about our activities that we offer please contact us!

Group Dinners & Lunches

At Autumn Villas we provide the option for our residents to join group dinners and lunches. We believe in creating a comfortable and secure atmosphere where our residents can socialize and engage.


Music Therapy

One perk of staying with us at Autumn Villas is our music therapy program. We understand how relaxing and enjoyable music can be for our guests and are all about creating a comfortable atmosphere.


Pet Therapy

We provide pet therapy sessions where the residents can enjoy the comfort of certified therapy animals. This is a very unique option that we provide at Autumn Villas. Having the company of a therapy animal can be very relaxing!


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